Lynsey, Jersey.

I like bare skin and sleeping when I can.


omg you are perfect be mine

Pieces of my journal

Who, what, where, why, when aren’t relevant when it comes to you. The who’s, where’s and when’s do matter. I am supposed the be the who, here is the where, and when is now. Fuck the exit signs and broken hearts between us.  You are my exit sign, and my broken heart. You are my exit sign; you are the end of my journey. You are my broken heart; you won’t let me put us together.

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oh fucking hell this is more than perfect and one of the best things a guy could ever do to you, saying ‘she s mine’ with that gesture
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I hope to god that you see the beauty in yourself that I see in you. By beauty I don’t mean silly photoshopped standards either. I mean the way you got on your knees and rubbed your best friends legs when she couldn’t stop crying and then took her to the bathroom. I mean the way you look at me…

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